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All of Harbord Diggers Toastmasters members have joined Toastmasters to improve their presentation skills, confidence and leadership abilities - however, we also like to enjoy ourselves. At our meetings you’ll also be able to socialise with a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy themselves while investing in their personal development.

30 members

30 members

Professionals retirees and homemakers

Professionals, retirees and homemakers

Aged 18 to 50+

Aged 18 to 50+

Harbord Diggers Toastmasters Group Members

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Photo of Anna F

Anna F

"Toastmasters has given me the confidence to speak up for myself at work and in my personal life. I now contribute in meetings and am not afraid to ask difficult questions.”
Anna Farr - Freelance Corporate Writer

Photo of Luke


"I joined Toastmasters as previously I was very uncomfortable with speaking publicly. Since joining Harbord Diggers Toastmasters, I have overcome this fear and now welcome and look forward to public speaking. I enjoy the friendly and supportive culture at the club, with the regular opportunities to learn skills such as delivering presentations, chairing meetings, evaluating and providing feedback to help other members achieve their potential, being aware of how to communicate to a diverse audience- etc, the list is extensive. Practising isolating all the different skills has really helped to integrate these into my professional and personal life"
Risk Manager. Property Finance

Photo of Amish


“I joined toastmasters as I felt I needed to improve on my public speaking and presentation skills as a lot of times I felt due to inexperience I got nervous beforehand which often led me to lose out on sales due to the nervousness. I spoke to few people and asked them for guidance and they all recommended me to join local toastmasters Club. Tried a couple and just felt at home at Diggers Club due to the experience and legacy that the club has along with awesome mentors!"
Amish - SEO Consultant, SME digital

Photo of Maude


"I was never comfortable sharing my opinion in a group setting or even simply answering a question in front of several people. Toastmasters has taught me how to speak with confidence with techniques to deal with nerves. In the end, practise is key and Toastmasters gives you this opportunity.”
Maude Simard-Cournoyer - Relationship Manager, Wealth Management

Photo of Adrian


"Joining Toastmasters has helped me gain knowledge and improve my public speaking skills as well as bringing structure to my stories. I was able to be more spontaneous and more open to talk with new people."
Adrian Caliman - Cloud HCM applications consultant

Photo of Jamie


“I joined Toastmasters to improve my confidence & communicate more effectively when presenting to Boards.”
Partner, Financial Services Industry